27 May 2017 07:29:00

We’re delighted to announce that Devon Comunities Together have been selected as the Charity of the Year for this year’s show. Dame Sarah Mullally, Bishop of Crediton, the current Show President, nominated us and our selection was confirmed at the show’s AGM on Friday 6th January.

Presenting Devon Communities Together to an audience of almost 100 members at the AGM, our CEO Elaine Cook warmly thanked Dame Sarah and the show committee for our nomination and went on to explain a little more about our work, history and plans for the show. The key message for the show was our plan to take part under our ‘LOVE Devon’ brand.

“Our work is diverse and widespread. We cover so many themes and topics it’s often difficult for us to quickly outline what we do.” explained Elaine. “But whatever we are working on and whoever we are working with, we do it because we LOVE Devon.”

“We see the show as a major opportunity to get the message out about who we are and what we do. Collecting donations via the familiar charity bucket is a fund-raising activity that we don’t normally do.” said Elaine “But we’re looking forward to working with the MDS committee and readying ourselves to make the very best of this wonderful opportunity.”

We trademarked the Love Devon logo last year and we’re in the process of rolling it out as a brand and an easily-remembered tag to 
identify all of our works across the county. Whether we’re advising a Parish Council about staff recruitment, helping a community seek funds for a new village hall, or providing training and networking skills for rural entrepreneurs, we are doing it for Devon because we LOVE Devon.

The scope of this campaign is expanding as we initiate dialogues with key members of the tourism and food and drink industries in Devon, exploring opportunities to work together under the Love Devon brand.

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For more information please call 01392 248919.