11 October 2016 04:17:00

The Devon Oil Collective is an ethical social enterprise project that can reduce the cost of domestic heating oil. Using the power of bulk buying, this scheme can make significant savings and pass them directly to the consumer.

“In the financial year 2014/15, scheme members saved an estimated £24,915 compared with the average prices during  

this period.”

Annual Review, Devon Together 2014-15


This year we have made some changes to our heating oil buying scheme.

The Devon Oil Collective brings together the buying power of households, community buildings and businesses to negotiate better prices than we might be offered individually.

The scheme also offers benefits to the suppliers by grouping deliveries and reducing tanker-miles.


This winter your fuel purchases will be negotiated by Affinity, which is part of a large agricultural co-operative and links our scheme in Devon with a number of other buying schemes in rural counties across England.

Improvements to the scheme enable members of DOC to:

·         join a savings scheme to spread the cost of payments

·         place their order directly with Affinity

·         make payments by direct debit to Affinity, rather than to whichever oil supplier tenders successfully in any particular month.

We have retained the monthly oil buying deadline and we now have a procedure for those who might miss a deadline and run low on fuel.

We can still meet any special delivery requirements such as difficult access to premises.


For more information and to become a member of Devon Oil Collective

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